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Product Application

Q: How do I put a HelmetHead on my helmet?

A. Have mom or dad follow these 5 easy steps:



Make sure your helmet is clean and dry



Remove film from the back of your HelmetHead



Attach your HelmetHead to your helmet



"Cruise in Style" with HelmetHead



Swap styles and attach the new HelmetHead design to the clear hooks already on your helmet.  

Q: Does the product work with all helmets?

A. HelmetHeads work with most helmets, but they prefer helmets with more surface area to connect to. Don’t let a few air vents on your helmet scare you off.

    Q: What is the HelmetHead made of?

    A. The product is made of a BPA-free, durable, flexible material.

      Q: Can they be removed and reused?

      A. The colorful part of the HelmetHead can be easily removed and reattached. There’s also a clear Velcro strip (the hooks) that should be left on your helmet so you can put the HelmetHead back on.

        Q: What are the product dimensions?

        Mohawk Dimensions: 8' x 2' x 2'
        Razorback Dimensions: 8' x 2' x 1.5'

          Q: How should I take care of my HelmetHead?

          To wash it, grab a damp cloth and wipe it down! Just don’t throw it in the dishwasher. It’s not a plate. HelmetHeads are very happy being outside playing around. But just like a grumpy daddy, your HelmetHead might not like sitting in a hot car. 


            Q: Where do you ship?

            A. We ship everywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.

              Q: What does shipping cost?

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                Q: How long does shipping take?

                A. You will be able to select the delivery speed, which may change the price of shipping.

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